Liat Dror Nir Ben gal Dance Company / Israel

Gluten Free

choreography: Liat  Dror
dancers: Bougeard Emmanuelle, Kestenbaum Keren, Imazaike Yuko, Shenfeld Anatoly
music:  Collage
light: Eliran Silver
project: Adama
costumes: Liat  Dror
duration: 35 min

This new dance work ,It deals with human relations Especially in relations between Israelis and Palestinians. It is a dance  for 4 dancers. The music is the soundtrack  of music and prayers in Arabic   And we recorded voices from shared event for Jews and Arabs  The dance still a work in progress   That's why we do not have photo and video.   In Lublin we  will be presented in a world premiere.

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