Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Tańca / Poland

The Beauty of Life

concept and choreography: Karolina Garbacik
music: Natasza Topor and Bez Różu Ani Rusz
stage and costume design: Anna Wojtecka
multimedia and installations: Paweł Dudko
creation and dance: Alicja Gościewska, Anna Łaskarzewska, Olga Skvortsova, Adam Bartoszewicz,Kamil Wawrzuta, Paweł Zaufal
premiere: 26.09.2013
duration: 45 min

You're young, you have your dreams and life plans. You're confident you can change the world. And achieve all that that all the rest failed to get.

And then something unexpected happens, en event which turns your whole existence upside down. It creates regret, protest and questions regarding why that needed to happen and why it happens exactly to me?

What is the beauty of life? Eternal health, staying active and a streak of continued successful events? Or is it being able to endure despite occurrences hindering the dreams and plans we believed in only a moment before?

The performance was inspired by the career of Nora Ney, a Polish star of pre-war cinema born in Podlasie (and most of all by her changeable life events). A great celebrity, the suddenly interrupted streak of luck and success, her difficult womanhood and finally the bitter end of the actress’s life.  The Beauty of Life is an international project prepared especially for the project East of Culture / Another Dimension. Created and performed by artists from Poland, Spain and Belarus.

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