Roosna & Flak, Korzo productions / The Netherlands

Wild Places : : Mountain

choreography: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak
dancers: Külli Roosna, Kenneth Flak, Thomas Falk
music: Joseph Hyde
light: Thomas Dotzler
project: Johanna Korgel
costumes: Asalia Khadjé
duration: 60min

The Wild Places Trilogy deals with what is probably the most important theme of our age—humanity’s relationship to the environment–questioned and translated into artistic praxis in three different performances: Mountain, City and Body.

The first performance of the trilogy is „Wild Places : : MOUNTAIN”. During an extended rehearsal period in the Norwegian mountains, the three performers and the light designer immersed themselves in the highlands, using the experiences of a wild, often brutal nature to inform the work. The piece brings an echo of the mountain to the stage: an extreme no-mans land, a place of harsh beauty and desolation where a human being is completely at the mercy of the forces of nature. This is realized through a complex system of interactive choreography, music, visuals and light. Sensor technology connects the flesh to the machines.,

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