SILK Fluegge / Austria


choreography: Silke Grabinger
dancers: Elias Buttinger, Silke Grabinger, Michaela Hulvejova, Matej Kubus, Jerca Roznik Novak, Olga Swietlicka
production manager: Olga Świetlicka
duration: 30 min

A Performance in two parts which is shown on two follow-up days. The Performance „Hold“ and its sequel „On to me“ shows an intercultural discourse in a semi-public space, a shopping mall.

„Hold“ is a dance theater performance which questions social interaction in daily routines.

What happens if you lose your own stability in life? What is the proper stability of in today's society? „Hold“ is a playful reflection on losing one's footing and finding support, on the dark side of individuality, the loneliness of growing up and on how we (can) function in a group organism. It is also a clear and witty perspective on how we (could) deal with emotional pain.

A group of performers exploring a universe of movements together, from urban dance to contemporary dance. What it means to catch each other, to hold each other back and to share playful moments. Every Performance relies on non fictional situations - the audience is an active responding and triggering position - as they are not disturbed in their walking habits or in their shopping pathways. The performance integrates itself in a temporarily squatted space but not in a fixed square more in an adapting playground to the passengers. This Space transforms itself into a theatrical place. It is a place of transit, where relationships, short moment connections appear and disappear.

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