19th edition of International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin is a great opportunity to ask our audience a set of questions, which we hope will ignite a new discussion regarding dance and abundance of potentialities for its presentation. This year we decided to lead out dance into those parts of our city that have not yet been graced by this art form. Remembering the times when the term „dance theatre” created confusion amongst its spectators, when just putting those two artistic formulas together was for some unthinkable, we decided to research capabilities for presenting dance in spaces, which may seem at first unsuitable for it.

Does factory seem like a natural setting for presenting dance? Is dance as approachable in an art gallery, as it is in a commercial venue? Or maybe even more so? How will a performance lecture be perceived in a space that is used for presenting knowledge in a less dynamic ways? What kind of relations can be generated between space and movement? Can a  city be used as a repository of  stages for dance presentation?

Searching for those specific locations had turned out to be one of the most rewarding aspect of this idea. Contemporary cities are dynamic organisms, they are in constant state of change and therefore they are always „in motion”. The cost of this mobility is that sometimes certain parts of a city can be forgotten, while others surface into recongnition. Our search has led us to many such slightly forgotten areas. As a result of that, we uncovered new dimentions to Lublin, a city we live and work in everyday.

We're not abandoning our main headquarters, Centre for Culture in Lublin. Our main stage will still be a place where dance wonders will happen! Some of our artistic guests will present their works which have been brought to live in unusual surroundings for a dance creation process, from mountain tops to sands of a desert. Those artists will try to transpose the experience gathered during that creation phase to our main stage. Others, on the other hand, will change the stage into a laboratory of sorts, where they will play a game with the perception of the audience, while also questioning existing norms of who and how should be performing on stage.

International Dance Theatres Festival is much more than just dance performances though. Like in the past years, we try to compose our Festival program in such a way so you can have a chance to sense and experience conteporary dance on many levels. Therefore, 19th IDTF will be comprised of contemporary dance workshops, dance critique classes and conversations with artists during which audience can get to know our outstanding guests in a more direct and personal way.

We would like to kindly invite you to join us in rediscovering Lublin through dance.

Lublin Dance Theatre